It all started with a group of six Landscape Architect students from the Swedish University of Agriculture who got the opportunity to create an experimental and organic kitchen garden in the sculpture park at Wanås. But really, how ecological is it to make a kitchen garden out on the countryside witch the wealth-healthy, culturally updated middle-class take their car?


Therefore the project quickly grew a bit. Now, with an epicentre in Wanås, small geometrical cultivation plots with an area of 120×120 cm, the original allotment square size, will organically spread out. The plots will be filled with different kinds of edible plants. Our hope is that these plots, with your help, eventually also will spread out in Sweden and in the rest of the world. The idea is that with The Allotment Plot inspire and encourage people to use unplanned or unused areas close to where they live to grow what will become locally produced organically grown vegetables.

Plant a square of vegetable wherever you find the space for it. Grow organically, local and easy. Then publish pictures at our website to inspire more people to plant a square of vegetable wherever they find the space for it.

It is a reaction of our growing distance to food production and physical relationship with the production of landscape.

It is a celebration of individual engagement.

It is The Allotment Plot

So, look around you, find a piece of land in your neighborhood and convince the landlord. Let’s get started!

Karin Andersson, Johanna Bratel, Linda Högberg, Marta Strand, Annika Söderberg och

Therese Wallgren.